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Meet Our Founder

Woman. Wife. Mother. Minister

Toni is a calming presence with a passion for spiritual growth and healing. After experiencing deep wounds from childhood trauma, Toni discovered the life-changing power of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, with a healed heart and the Holy Spirit as her guide, she creates safe spaces for others to explore God's movement in their own spiritual journeys.


With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and nearly 30 years of experience in Corporate America, Toni is a seasoned IT professional, but her true calling is helping others grow in God's Word. As an Associate Minister at Imani United Church of Christ, she immerses people in God's love through teaching Bible Study and writing curricula. Toni earned her Master of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary.


But her mission doesn't stop there - she's also a certified Spiritual Director and Retreat Planner, trained to help others find a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. Toni earned her certificate in Spiritual Formation and the Art of Spiritual Direction from Healing Care Ministries Inc.


Toni lives with her husband in northeast Ohio.

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