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Perseverance in Faith and Hope
by Toni Tompkins

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
- Hebrews 13:8

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The book of Hebrews provides a timeless message about the promises of God available through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This foundational letter encourages us to persevere in faith and hope, knowing that Jesus has given us victory over the fear of death! Even during our most difficult struggles, Jesus ushers us into God’s presence, where we find help and comfort.

Hebrews: Perseverance in Faith and Hope is an 11-week Bible study that guides individuals or small groups into a deeper understanding of this challenging book. With a user-friendly format, this study inspires faith, perseverance, and a more profound love for Jesus Christ and the power of His finished work.

In this Bible study, you will find:

  • Background information to increase your understanding of the historical and cultural setting.

  • Explanations of key theological and historical concepts that unlock meaning.

  • Overviews of Old Testament stories that add valuable context to the lesson.

  • Meaningful study questions that draw attention to critical portions of the text.

  • Thought-provoking reflection and application questions that guide you to a faithful response to God.


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the author

Toni Tompkins is a minister, retreat leader, and spiritual director. Her greatest joy is creating spaces for others to explore God’s movement in their spiritual journeys of healing and transformation.

Toni graduated from the University of Dayton with her Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and has worked in Corporate America for nearly 30 years. Due to her passion for helping others grow in God’s Word, she returned to school and earned her Master of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary. She currently serves as an Associate Minister at Imani United Church of Christ, where she is honored to help people immerse themselves in God’s love by teaching Bible Study and writing Bible Study curricula.

Toni is a trained spiritual director and retreat leader. Her certificate in Spiritual Formation and the Art of Spiritual Direction comes from Healing Care Ministries.

Toni lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband. Together they have six adult children and six grandchildren.

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