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Experiencing God On Retreat

Be still and know that I am God.
- Ps 46:10

Experiencing God...

Is the sound of chaos all you hear some days! Kids with homework, co-workers requesting updates, spouses looking for attention, friends with advice...everything coming at you at once without a moment to hear yourself think?


In the busyness of life, the ability to connect with God is overwhelmed with noise and responsibilities. A retreat puts a temporary pause the activities of life so you can filter out distractions and soak in the refreshing presence of God. When you steal away to the quietness of retreat, you hear and experience more of God. A retreat can last a few hours, days, or more. Regardless of its length, a retreat meets you in your desire for rest, renewal, and refreshment that only God can provide.

Listening for how God speaks to you during your retreat provides rich content for deep conversation in spiritual direction. Be sure to click the link below to learn more about how spiritual direction can add depth to your retreat experience!

Upcoming Retreats...

No upcoming events at the moment
Personal Retreat Planning

Retreats are often experienced in a group setting, but personal retreats are also an excellent opportunity for the solitude and silence that makes room for hearing the whispers of God. Whether you are new to personal retreats or are an experienced retreatant, we would love to help you design a unique retreat that meets your specific needs.


We can talk through what draws you to the idea of retreat, where you might go to retreat, and what activities are most fitting as a pathway for connecting you to God. Then, a personal retreat plan will be developed that is tailored specifically to your needs. 

To learn more about personal retreats, schedule a consultation.

Retreat Speaker

Are you planning a retreat and need some additional help? If so, we are available to help guide retreatants in spiritual practices, sit with retreatants for spiritual direction, or speak on various spiritual formation topics. We would love to help you create an open and welcoming space for the move of God!

If you need transformational teaching at your next event, contact us to inquire about how we can help. We would love to connect with you!

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