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Seeking God In Spiritual Direction

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
- Jeremiah 29:13

Seeking God...

Are you searching but struggle to find God's presence in your life? It can be hard to pinpoint the footprints of God in the confusion of everyday life. But a spiritual director can partner with you as you seek God to build a more intimate relationship with Christ where healing and growth occur.


Spiritual directors (or companions) are trained listeners who come alongside you while you reflect on how God is present and active in your life right now. Spiritual directors listen with you to discern how the Holy Spirit might be calling you into a deeper relationship.

As your Spiritual Director I will..... and value the unique person you are in Christ and lovingly walks with you on your faith journey

...weep and celebrate life's ups and downs with you as the Spirit does the work of  healing and transformation you in your discernment process while allowing the Holy Spirit to be the primary voice that speaks

...offer new forms of prayer tailored to your situation and personality

...listen while you process questions you have about prayer, God, and your faith journey

...pray with and for you during your journey

Individual Spiritual Direction

Individual spiritual direction sessions are a great place to reflect on your life. You chose whatever aspect, story, or experience you feel moved to bring to prayer and reflection. As you share, I will listen to you and the Holy Spirit and then help you notice the hints, guesses, invitations, and “nudgings” of the Spirit in your life.

Individual sessions last 1 hour and are held every 3-4 weeks. Sessions are available in-person or online via zoom. The fee for individual spiritual direction is $50 per session.

Schedule a free consultation to see if spiritual direction is right for you!

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Group Spiritual Direction

Group spiritual direction allows individuals to come together to create a safe, open space to grow in their relationship with God and others. As the group journeys together, they grow as a community. Together, they find the wisdom, strength, and courage needed to transform and walk in the purpose God intends. Participants in group spiritual direction are committed to:

  • Openness and receptivity that prepares you to listen deeply to one another as an expression of love

  • Discerning and acting as a unit that is committed to the larger purpose of growth​

Group sessions last 1-2 hours and are held monthly. Sessions are available in-person or online via zoom. The fee for group spiritual direction is $25 per person per session.

Schedule a free consultation to see if group spiritual direction is right for you!

Praying Hands
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